Fake Extinction Rebellion stickers in Reading exposed

A sticker saying ‘Say It Loud, Say It Clear: Refugees Not Welcome Here’ with the Extinction Rebellion logo has appeared on a black railing in Minster Street, with other stickers appearing on street furniture across  the town centre.

The stickers have been placed by right wing activists using print outs from the Hundred-Handers group.

Their print out designs contains messaging that opposes non-White immigration into the West, and other slogans opposing ‘anti-White’ narratives.

The ‘Hundred-Handers’ are inherently anonymous group made up of designers who create propaganda messaging for activists to print out and sticker in cities and towns across the West, in the UK, USA, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Canada.

Molly Fletcher, a member of XR Reading said: “Messages flyposted around Reading from a far-right group have misused the familiar Extinction Rebellion hourglass symbol and typeface.

“We wish to make it clear that this group is grossly misrepresenting us; their unpleasant and divisive messages do not, in any way, represent Extinction Rebellion principles or values.

“Extinction Rebellion is a non-violent network which welcomes everyone and every part of everyone, and actively campaigns for migrant rights.

“This includes our latest action at the home office when we delivered thousands of ‘pink boat’ letters to oppose the Illegal Migration Bill.

“We are greatly saddened that others would seek to cause division in our name.

“Should you wish to know more about how Extinction Rebellion aims to create a world which is fit for all people, for generations to come, they are very welcome to come to one of our meetings.

“We can be contacted at xrreading@gmail.com.”

Similar stickers from a separate group called ‘Join the White Rose’ have also appeared in Reading.

That group’s messaging has a more libertarian and anti vaccine angle, with stickers opposing the use of face masks and lockdowns as ‘authoritarian’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

Flyposting is an offence which can be reported to Reading Borough Council using its website.

Once cases of nuisance flyposting are identified by the council, the stickers can be removed by its cleansing team, who may monitor the area again in case more appear.

A spokesperson said: “The council can take legal action on flyposting where there is evidence available on the culprits.

“Public Order offences are a matter for Thames Valley Police and if we are able to identify any evidence, we will of course share that information with them.”

The Hundred Handers take their name from three hundred handed giants from Greek mythology, which aid Zeus in becoming the king of the gods in the Greek pantheon by defeating Cronus and the Titans.

According to Extinction Rebellion, the letters were sent to every MP in April.

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