Green candidate for main Reading MP seat selected

Councillor Dave McElroy, a Green representative for Redlands ward, has been selected as the party’s parliamentary candidate for the Reading Central constituency.

He is a scientist, dad and sports lover.

Cllr McElroy has lived in Reading since 2017 and works for an international organisation dedicated to protecting land and farmers.

Elected as a councillor since 2021, the Greens have described him as a tireless campaigner for cleaner air, safer streets and sticking up for the needs of neighbours.

Cllr McElroy said: “We are all struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. Reading is blighted by congestion, air pollution and speeding, a lack of affordable housing and a shortage of NHS dentists. I have been working on these issues as a councillor. If elected as an MP I would be able to do this on a national level.

“The Green Party is now in second place on Reading Council ahead of both the Conservatives and Lib Dems. With more Green councillors we have been able to make more of a difference on the council. With more MPs we would be able to make more of a difference nationally.”

The Green Party has been the main opposition party since the all-out council elections in 2022.

Cllr McElroy continued: “As your MP I would also be able to act as a moral anchor on national issues like taking the climate crisis seriously and condemning terror and genocide in all forms.

“Voters can expect me to stand up for people, planet and improving our quality of life. As a principle I will always act on what I believe to be in the best interests of Reading residents, not the best interests of career politicians or the super-rich. With me there will be no surprises, no excuses, just getting on with making the town fairer, greener and cleaner.

“The solution to the problems created by those in power cannot be more of the same.  I urge the people of Reading to think about what matters to them, who has got us into this mess, what the Green Party has to offer and be inspired to vote Green.”

The Reading Central seat was created after the political map of England was officially redrawn last year.

The constituency covers all of central Reading and Caversham, the Park and Redlands areas of East Reading, and the pre-2022 borough council wards of Battle, Katesgrove, Southcote and Minster.

Currently nominated candidates include Labour’s Matt Rodda, the current MP for Reading East and Henry Wright, the candidate for the Liberal Democrats.

The Conservatives and Reform are yet to announce their selections.

Mr McElroy is also set to defend his council seat in Redlands against Dr Sunila Lobo, the Labour council candidate and other challengers at the local elections in May this year.

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