Reading 35th in list of healthy high streets

HOW does the health of Reading high street compare with other major towns and cities?

In a list of 82 big high streets, the town has come 35th in an analysis looking at different factors that promote good health.

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Data has come from Bankrate, who have created a health index by looking at the amenities surrounding big UK high streets, awarding each a score based on the healthy life choices, social interaction and mental wellbeing they promote.

They found that York is home to the healthiest high street in the UK, amassing 471 points in total.

London came third on the list.

The unhealthiest high street can be found in Peterborough, with -104 points.

Reading sits towards the middle, coming above major cities and locations such as Exeter, Blackpool and Northampton in terms of high street health.

Reading was rated a ‘153’ in total as its health score.

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Health concerns continue to grow in the UK as the NHS report that 63 per cent of adults were labelled overweight or obese.

Bankrate’s findings discovered that the average house price in cities that scored highly in the index was £319,691.

At the other end of the scale, the house prices in cities with high streets that scored badly averaged out at £216,200.

This means there is a correlation between having an unhealthy high street, and the value of a home.

In fact, homes with a healthy high street nearby were valued on average £103,491 more.

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