Reading club launches bid to bring licence up to date

The Face Bar in Ambrose Place is one of the town’s longest running music venues, hosting a mix of different genres on evenings throughout the year.

The venue is currently running on an entertainments licence which contains rules established back in 1964.

Now, the owners have applied for a new licence to get rid of these rules, called conditions.

The only change would be to open earlier on a Sunday, at 11am rather than 12pm.

Bill Donne, a licensing agent speaking on behalf of the owners, explained: “The application is for a premises licence that does not include the numerous old, embedded conditions of the redundant Public Entertainment Licence and those conditions relating to the Licensing Act 1964, redundant conditions, and the rewording and updating of conditions to reflect best practice that were on the other licence.”

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In full, the owners have applied to hold live performances, sell alcohol and late night refreshment from 11am to 2am Monday to Thursday, 11am to 4am on Fridays and Saturdays, and 11am to midnight on Sundays.

Anyone wishing to comment on the application can do so by emailing

Those comment must supply personal details with no assumption of anonymity.

Any request for personal details to be removed and the justification for such a request should be notified to the council’s licensing depart at the time of making the representation.

If you have any questions, please use the above email.

If anyone makes a representation about a licensing application to the council a licensing meeting will be triggered.


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