Reading has the fewest of smokers in UK

A NEW study has revealed that Reading has the least amount of smokers in the UK.

According to the wellness ‘hotspots‘ research, only 11.3 per cent of adults in Reading smoke, and this low rate could explain why Reading has the third highest life expectancy in the UK.

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The study by YourZooki has looked into various healthy living factors including air quality, life expectancy and number of spas, parks and vegan-friendly restaurants to reveal the UK’s health and wellness hotspots.

The top 10 wellness hotspots (overall ranked score /100)

Reading Chronicle:

London, Bournemouth and Reading have the highest life expectancies.

Nottingham has the highest number of smokers, with nearly a quarter (23.4 per cent) of the population smoking

Swindon has the best air quality index score of 17, while Brighton and Hove has the most spas and vegan-friendly restaurants per 100,000 people.

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Bournemouth has the most health and fitness clubs per 100,000 people, and Leeds has the most fast food restaurants per 100,000 people.

The top 30 list can be found here.

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