Reading’s Jasmine House Nursing Home warned over safety breaches

A READING nursing home which has previously been warned over breaches of safety has continued to mismanage residents’ wellbeing.

Jasmine House Nursing Home in Westcote Road was inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in July, who in a report published this week found the facility to ‘require improvement’.

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Inspectors found that the service was in breach of regulations in relation to protecting people from the risk of harm, medicine management and good governance.

The home also repeatedly failed to notify authorities about potential abuse.

The report states: “We previously issued the provider with a warning notice, but we found repeated concerns around medicine management, people’s safety and governance at this inspection.

“There was no evidence of learning from events to improve safety as the provider did not ensure the necessary improvements had been made, sustained and lessons learnt where necessary.”

The service also didn’t comply with patients’ safety alerts, which require action to be taken by providers to reduce the risk of death or disability.

Inspectors noted that, in a previous visit, the home had failed to notify the CQC of an incident of potential abuse.

The new report reads: “At this inspection we found the provider continued to fail to notify us about incidents of potential abuse.

“An incident between two people occurred earlier this year we had not been notified about.

“The provider’s own accidents log included the record of another, recent incident between people where one person pushed another person to the floor and they sustained a skin tear of which we had also not been notified about.”

As well as safety concerns, staffing and recruitment was also found to be an issue, with one resident telling inspectors that they had to wait a long time to be assisted, waiting “a quarter of an hour at least” before being helped with something urgent.

The report also states that staff need a better understanding to prevent and manage challenging behaviours, with one instance of a resident being labelled as “rude” when they didn’t comply with support.

In terms of the prevention and control of infection, the environment was found to be clean and tidy.

Inspectors noted that there was no malodour and hand sanitisers were available in reception.

Staff praised the provider and the management team who supported them well during the outbreak of Covid-19, and

ensured they had sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE).

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Residents told inspectors that staff wore PPE and that the service was clean.

Comments included, “They always wear their masks and aprons, they have gloves as well, the place is perfectly clean, it’s the cleanest I’ve seen it” and “They keep it very clean. I’m aware they wear all these garments too. They’re more careful now, I think.”

Jasmine House Nursing Home has been contacted for a comment.

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