Reading’s Royal Berkshire Hospital will see NHS Spitfire fly over tomorrow

A SPITFIRE plane with a special message of thanks for the NHS will fly over the Royal Berkshire Hospital tomorrow (Saturday, August 1).

Up until late September, the Aircraft Restoration Company will be flying its beloved Spitfire Pl983 ‘L’ over hospitals to celebrate the work of the NHS during the pandemic.

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The company will also be hand writing 80,000 names onto the photo-reconnaissance blue Spitfire.

People are able to nominate local heroes to be added to the list in order to raise money for the NHS.

The company said: “This could be a kind neighbour, family member on the front line, volunteer PPE producer, or anyone who has helped or inspired you through the Covid-19 pandemic.

“You can now say thank you to them by nominating their name for inclusion in the 80,000 names to go onto the NHS Spitfire.”

Reading Chronicle:

After initially setting out to nearby villages in Cambridge every Thursday during lockdown as part of ‘clap for the NHS’, the company decided to set off with the message ‘THANK U NHS’ emblazoned across the underside of the aircraft.

The next NHS Spitfire Official Flights, which will take place across the country, will be on Saturday, August 1.

Reading locals will be able to observe the plane as it flies above the Royal Berkshire Hospital at 3.51pm.

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To have a name hand written onto the Spitfire this Summer visit the company’s Just Giving page.

The page, set up by the restoration company, reads: “You can say thank you for support through the Covid-19 pandemic by nominating a name to be written upon the NHS Spitfire.

“By doing so you will also be helping to raise money for the incredible people working and volunteering within our NHS.

“There is room for 80,000 names, and as these are added to the Spitfire, the UK will be able to watch this extraordinary visual spectacle unfold.

“A kind gesture that will donate to a great cause. Donation window closes on September 20, 2020.”

Reading Chronicle