‘Rough sex’ defence banned following campaign backed by Newbury MP Laura Farris

NEWBURY MP Laura Farris was among a group of parliament members to successfully campaign for the “rough sex” defence to be banned.

It was decided this week that the so-called “rough sex gone wrong” defence will now be outlawed in new domestic abuse legislation.

After speaking out to support this campaign, the Conservative MP welcomed the announcement outlawing of the defence.

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Earlier this month at Prime Minister’s Questions, she said there was “an ugly dimension that remains unresolved” in regards to the defence.

She later tweeted: “I am very grateful to the Prime Minister @BorisJohnson for supporting our campaign to end the rough sex defence: ‘We are committed to ensuring the law is made clear and the defence is inexcusable.'”

Others have also welcomed the news, including women and equalities minister Liz Truss.

Conservative MP Cherilyn Mackrory (Truro and Falmouth) asked her: “Will (Ms Truss) join me in celebrating the good news that the so-called ‘rough sex gone wrong’ defence will now be outlawed?”

Ms Truss responded: “It was a disgrace that this was being used as a defence in criminal cases, cases of murder.

“I pay tribute to members across the House who’ve run an effective campaign and I congratulate the Ministry of Justice for taking action on this issue.”

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The defence meant that a person who kills someone during sexual activity could be charged with manslaughter as opposed to murder.

Justice minister Alex Chalk announced that the defence would be banned.

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