The top 10 Reading streets for parking fines

The top 10 places where drivers have been hit with fines for parking illegally in Reading has been revealed.

Unsurprisingly, a majority of the places where drivers have been fined for breaking parking rules are in or near the town centre.

The road where the most fines were issued was Oxford Road, where 1,513 fines were issued.

That’s according to the most recent figures for the 2020-21 financial year.

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Of the top 10 streets and roads where fines were issued, eight of them are located in or near the town centre.

Elsewhere, a large number of fines were issued in East Reading in Wykeham Road and Grange Avenue, which are located off the Wokingham Road dining and shopping area.

You can see the top 10 places where fines were issued listed below.

  1. Oxford Road – 1513
  2. Sackville Street – 634
  3. Zinzan Street – 584
  4. Kings Road – 550
  5. Cheapside – 523
  6. Howard Street- 439
  7. Waylen Street – 384
  8.  Wykeham Road -353
  9. Bedford Road – 329
  10. Grange Avenue – 328


The figures are revealed in Reading Borough Council’s Annual Parking Services Report 2020-21, which is publicly accessible.

The council actually spent more than it made from on street parking fines that year.

While it spent £2,157,343 on parking fines, it made £1,056,714, resulting in a net cost of £1,100,629.

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The fines are divided into higher level (£70) and lower level (£50) tickets, which can be paid at a half discount within 14 days of the fine.

During the year, 22,443 higher level fines and 10,962 lower level fines were issued.

The highest number of higher level fines -6,509- were paid for people who parked in a permitted space without a permit, with the highest number of lower level fines -3,632- were paid because the driver had not clearly displayed their parking ticket or voucher.

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