Which public toilets are open in Reading?

AS lockdown eases and non-essential shops reopen, it can seem unclear what exactly will remain closed.

In case you do decide to go shopping this week, it’s handy to know which public toilets have remained closed as a lockdown precaution and which have reopened with new safety measures.

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The Oracle

Toilets in the shopping centre are now open.

The other public toilets currently open are:

  • St Martin’s Precinct
  • Caversham Court
  • Meadway Precinct (disabled toilet only)
  • Cemetery Junction
  • Albert Road
  • Town Hall Urilift (will now be open in the daytime as well as through the night)

The council has implemented a disinfectant clean in June of more than 39,000 square feet of public space.

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There will also be cleaning teams out every day to ensure the town centre remains as clean and hygienic as possible.

Visitors to the town centre are being asked bring their own hand sanitiser, while businesses will also provide sanitiser at their shop entrances.

Hand washing facilities will be available across Reading’s public toilets, around half of which are currently open.

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