Winnersh: Vet warning after dog ‘poisoned’ after walk in Dinton Pastures

‘AVOID letting your dog in the water’ – this is the advice of a local vet after a dog tragically died after being in Dinton Pastures park.

Companion Care Vets, based in Gazelle Close, Winnersh, announced that one of their dogs died of ‘suspected poisoning’ after being in the water at the popular park.

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They said: “We have informed the appropriate authorities and we advise everyone to keep out of all water ways until the environmental agency has updated us further.”

Last month, people were told to avoid The Emm Brook stream due to a chemical spill, but this was since declared safe by the Environment Agency.

The Emm Brook stream in Dinton Pastures had approximately 8,000 litres of Nutriox, a hair-treatment chemical, spilled into it.

The source of the spillage, about 1.5 miles upstream of Dinton, was identified and the spillage ceased.

It is currently unknown whether or not this is linked to the incident.

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The vet made the announcement last week on a Facebook page to warn local dog owners, who say the news is “heartbreaking”.

One said: “This is very sad news and I hope no other animal falls ill before it can be cleaned up.”

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