Martial Arts Clubs in Reading

Martial arts can teach you both the skills and confidence to defend yourself. What makes these practices unique is the combination of their intense physical nature and the focus on the mental and spiritual state of the practitioner.


While martial arts, historically, were military and defensive in practice, modern martial arts are derivatives of these and practiced as sports. These can be divided in to armed (kendo, for instance) and unarmed (like judo, karate and taekwondo), and self-defense practices (such as aikido, hapkido and jung fu). Also commonly practiced and taught are other disciplines like mixed martial arts (MMA), jiu jitsu, Muay Thai and capoeira. The expanse of possibilities for getting your physical and mental game on is vast. Martial arts can lead to physical, mental, and emotional growth.

KickFit Reading

KickFit Reading

Create a healthy routine, A fun way of getting active & getting fit, Live and Recorded classes, Anti-bullying classes, Age specific self-defence techniques, Kids Martial Arts in Reading for ages 4-12, Classes are split up into age categories, Adults Martial Arts in Reading for ages 17yrs+

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